Behr Doom Aryz

Behr, Doom, and Aryz is an identity system I created for a hypothetical pop-up shop sponsored by Nike.

The goal for this project was to create an identity system for a pop-up shop that would feature three urban artists as if Nike was sponsoring them. The name of the shop is the last name of the artists that I chose: Clemens Behr, Danny Doom, and Aryz.

I originally drew the logo basing my concept off of five words that I used to describe the overall mood and feel of the shop: surreal, energetic, elaborate, murky, and commanding. In the end, I created a poster, a shoebox, the store front of the pop-up shop, and two different t-shirt designs.

Date: 2.20.2012

Tools: pencil, paper, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Client: Class Project - ADV. STUDIO: IDENTITY

Deliverables: poster, shoebox, 2 shirts, logo, pop-up shop

Deliverables: logo, icons